About My Rings

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Curl Wave Ring
New! Curl Wave Ring.
Halloween Jack O Lantern ring.
New! Silver or Gold Jack-O-Lantern.
The Ophelia Skull Ring
New! The Ophelia Skull Ring.
Silver Skull Rings
Sterling Silver Skull Rings.
Two dragons intertwined in one ring.
Double Dragon Ring.
Twin dragons protect a gemstone tower.
Twin Dragon Rings with gemstone tower.
A small crouching dragon on top of a simple sterling silver band.
Crouching Dragon Ring.
Magic gold dragon ring with emerald eyes eating its tail.
Magic Dragon Ring, eating its tail.
Silver dragon ring with gemstone.
My original Dragon Ring holding a gemstone.
Celtic Ring with Malachite Cabochon
Celtic rings in silver with cabochon gemstone.
Pan and Bacchus Silver Demon Rings.
Pan and Bacchus Demon Rings.
Silver Cougar Ring
The Cougar Ring cast in sterling silver.
silver kelp ring
Silver Kelp Ring
Ladies Gold Ring with Sapphire Gemstone
14k gold ring with sapphire or garnet gemstone.
14k gold wrench ring with garnet gemstone
Wrench Rings in Silver or Gold with garnet, other gemstones, or plain.
Gold Renaissance Ring with Tourmaline Gemstone
Gold Renaissance Ring with bi-color tourmaline. (sold)